A holiday on the Gargano offers tourists the opportunity to visit various places and different day-trips activities. By the most renowned centers of Vieste and Peschici to religious village of San Giovanni Rotondo, the cultural site of Monte Sant'Angelo, there's more to choose for a visit and to discovery the Gargano. Besides the beaches and the sea, it is worth visiting the old town of Rodi Garganico, characterized by narrow and mostly steep streets, with intricate and complex paths, placed side-by-side to white houses. Moving along the coast, tourists can visit two other pearls of Gargano: Peschici and Vieste, famous tourist places, very appreciated for the beauty of the landscapes and the crystal-clear sea.

Peschici shows suddenly to the visitor coming from Rodi Garganico , as completely white and perched on an imposing karstic cliff, overlooking one of the most stunning bays in Italy: the bay of Peschici.

The old town of Peschici climbs from the harbor up to the fortifications of the Swabian castle. Within the country: alleys, hidden squares, steep stairs, narrow passages, arches and white houses, typical of the Apulian coast.

Vieste is the easternmost city of the Gargano promontory, bounded by two long sandy beaches, and is a popular destination for tourists from all parts of Europe. In the flat part of the peninsula stretches the 17th century and modern neighborhood, while the picturesque old town is perched on the rocky hill. Typical of the medieval period, it is characterized by narrow and not aligned streets, whose homes with typical external staircases (mignali) are united occasionally by slender arches buttress.

In this part of Gargano you can enjoy a quite unique landscape, a rugged coastline of cliffs that drop straight into the sea. From the beaches you can go on a boat ride, in order to visit the many caves that the merger between the sea and the rock has created over the centuries, and moving a few miles on board of ferries and hydrofoils that daily traverse these seas , you can make route for the Tremiti Islands, an archipelago of three islands, whose crystal clear sea attracts, every year, thousands of tourists.

Moving towards the hinterland of the promontory, we find the Umbra Forest, a nature reserve of the Gargano National Park, a real green heart of Gargano, that rises from the sea to over a thousand meters.

Art, history and religious tradition come together finally in Monte Sant'Angelo and San Giovanni Rotondo, prominent destinations that record hundreds of thousands of arrivals per year.

In Monte Sant'Angelo you can visit the Sanctuary of the Archangel Michael, built around a cave that the same Holy, in an appearance, wanted to be consecrated, while the fate of San Giovanni Rotondo is closely linked to the figure of Father Pio of Pietrelcina, sanctified in 2002; to him it is dedicated an impressive shrine built by the famous architect Renzo Piano and completed in 2004.

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